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Welcome friend.

Glad you dropped by my page from your corner of the universe. Glad to get acquainted. Hope you'll scroll down the page to get Claire McGill's book of poetry.

As for me, I've been lucky, or blessed, or both, because I've been able to write some novels and make some films. This site provides info about my life and work.

I tend to explore matters of the spirit, because for me that's where ultimate reality is found. My new book (my first nonfiction book) is an ontological study covering quantum physics, metaphysics and philosophy. You can find it here as a PDF.

Not everybody's into the search for spiritual truth, I realize that, but I'm not as concerned about turning people off as I am about turning people on.

At age 62, I've evolved into a necessity-driven do-it-yourselfer, what I call an "artisan," I like to handcraft things even though I'm usually using words. But I also build things, mow my lawn, repair the toilet, basically live out The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I have a blog on Medium where I share my thoughts on various topics.

You can find my novels on Amazon, and my feature film, Lake of Fire, on Reelhouse.

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Brief bio:

Born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, one of the finest places on earth. NC has beautiful mountains and beaches, and Greensboro is smackdab in the middle of both. It's a great place to make films and it's a solid place to raise a family. My wife Susan and I have been married for over forty years. Being best friends is what keeps us going. We have three children, Ben, Lucas and Rosie; and we have three grandchildren - Sebastian, Maddox and Lou-Rose. Feel free to check out my Facebook page for more personal info.

SCHOOL STUFF:  I graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, where I studied creative writing, filmmaking, psychology, anthropology and philosophy. My degree is actually in Radio, TV & Motion Pictures.

WORK STUFF:  My ongoing profession and livelihood is advertising and video production. I started as a copywriter and producer, and also worked as a creative director and account executive for a half-dozen agenices. In the late 90s, I co-owned a web design firm, then I went out on my own as a writer/producer. In 2008, my son, Lucas, and I started Highway 29 Motion Pictures. Highway 29 makes films, but I produce video and provide advertising services at a boutique firm called Artisan Advertising and Video.

WRITING:  I wrote my first screenplay in 1976 and have written over 20 screenplays. I write screenplays fast and revise endlessly. I've written four plays, five novels, and, as mentioned above, I have a new nonfiction book on quantum physics and metaphysics.

FILMMAKING:  I made my first feature in the late 70s, another in the 90s, and co-produced the features Esposito and Elephant Sighs in 2009-10. I also edited Elephant Sighs. More recently, I've produced and directed two films from my own sceenplays: Lake of Fire and The Hive. Lake of Fire is going into distribution this year and The Hive soon thereafter.

THE FUTURE: The future will involve two new ventures, a nonprofit called Thriving Artists that can serve as a fiscal sponsor for filmmakers, and a film fund called First Light Films LLC we're setting up to produce four motion pictures. 

For more news on First Light Films, click here.

I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church, became an atheist in college and for a few years thereafter, then I caught up with Jesus again when I was 35 years old. These days, I'm not involved in a traditional church; instead, I belong to a "simple church," a small group of friends who hang out on Sunday and generally share life together.

I've been into meditation for a while now. My interest in quantum physics and human consciousness grew out of my experiences in meditation. If you have an interest in such things (consciousness, enlightenment, meditation, spirituality), you really should check out The Theory of Everything & Beyond. It's my attempt to address all the big questions about human existence. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

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